It conducts research in old herbal books and popular medical writings, or looking for "grandma's home remedies" up the Potato again and again, as a means for skin complaints.

It should help with acne and suppuration, but also moisturize the skin and anti-wrinkle effect. Also the effect of the Skin against warts, and "Sprout" in the skin to bring it back.

These effects can not absolutely explain. You are likely to do with the mineral composition, especially potassium. Also carbohydrates (polysaccharides), the impact of softening. To this effect, we also know from other plants, e.g., flax seed.

One thing is definitely clear, the effect comes from potatoes, not from the flowers, and not from the herb. Therefore, it is important that appropriate means of potato juice and not flowers, tincture or potato starch.

The potato can not be simply used as a cosmetic. The starch and protein content would tend to result in a kind of "mashed potatoes". Not very pleasant and caring. The idea to combine potato juice with a natural cream base, and gradually.

It was possible to develop a great cream, which have excellent cosmetic properties, and in the process, however, the effect of the potato. The endless feedback to confirm this.

So there is a lot of success stories which never were to be expected. So, for example, in the case of strong scaly skin diseases, in a very stressed and damaged skin, after shave anti-redness and much more.

Potatoes in as Skin Care Cream ?

But Yes !

Potato juice, minerals and essential Oils – that is the whole secret of Santénatur potato cream with sensational effect care for stressed hands and feet and body. The wonderfully scented, natural product makes it soft, supple and simply beautiful !


From Home Remedies to Skin Care Sensation

skin care sensation


Potato juice for heartburn and sour belching; potato plaster against the cough in children. They are popular home remedies with the versatile tuber out of the earth. However, potatoes in the skin care, there are now in the form of the novel Santénatur potato balm with sensational properties for damaged, dry and calloused skin, especially all hard skinned body parts include feet and hands.

Effect about Organic Potato Juice on Skin

Potato provide energy, carbohydrates, protein and more vitamin C than any orange! Potato juice have a strong skin softening effect, even in severe and stubborn cases.

This special extract is the base of emollients (Emollients are moisturizing treatments applied directly to the skin that are often used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

potato juice

Potato juice is non-greasy, penetrates quickly into the skin.

Potato juice in the body cream shown sensational properties and effects on your skin, helps and prevented, and it remove damaged, dry and scaly skin, especially on body hands and feet.

Potato cream contains neither petroleum distillates and no paraben or paraffin, the scent consists of natural essential oils.

Santénatur potato balm is very well tolerated, irritating to the skin. and is very economical in use.

The skin becomes permanently soft and tough and they where are the combined effects of potato balm best for development, against very dry thick and abraded skin on all body parts include hands, fingers, feet, elbows, irritation and redness.

Thickness skin parts carefully rasps or filing, rub a little portion once or several times a day with potato cream – and the hardest and the most battered body parts or hands and feet will be soft and resilient, such as when toddler once were.