“Natural Potato Children Cream" contains neither petroleum distillates no paraben or paraffin, and the scent consists of natural essential oil’s.

Santénatur “Natural Potato Children Cream” is very well tolerated

Does not irritate the skin, is non-greasy, penetrates quickly into the skin and is very economical in use. Very well tolerated, even for infants and toddlers.

Santenatur Natural Potato Children Cream Acts For:
maintains children skin, skin protection, anti-bacterial, skin tonic, moisturizing, skin nourishing, winter balm (warming), defense tonic with antiviral effect.

We speak of a natural preservative system, from various in the natural occurring substances including sorbic acid, laevulin acid, ascorbic acid, etc.

Modern, up-to-date application instead of a "Potato Compress”

cold time tube

Natural Potato Children Cream can also warms and cares during the cold time. The smooth crème is absorbed fast by the skin . The etheric oils support you through the cold and are made for all ages.

press potato


You can use Natural Potato Children Cream in the chest and back area instead of the potato-to-use wrap. No risk of scalding, quick and easy, hygienic and clean.

How to use: Rub/ Massage Natural Potato Children Cream on the chest and back for stronger effect , cover it up with a warm towel or tissue.

In Switzerland, this kind of care has been practiced for hundreds of years against colds.

sick child


The Natural Potato Children Cream is according to our own recipe Made in Switzerland and

Dermatological tested!

We recommend the regular use for children from 6 months up.

By the way : children love
Potato Natural Children Cream !
“It doesn’t grease, sticks and stinks"

Dermatological tested

The Natural Essential Oil Ingredients and Effects

tea tree oil

Tea Tree Oil


Fungi, viruses, bacteria of all kinds, Cold, cough, runny nose, fever, flu, warts, Herpes, acne, eczema, Psoriasis, poorly healing wounds, inflammation of the mucous membrane


Acts like a broad-spectrum antibiotic.
Must not be missing in any household.
Should be used after opening a maximum of 6 months.
With tea tree, over 200 studies have been made.

thyme oil

Thyme Oil


Cold, Cough, Bronchitis, Colds, Fever bad healing of wounds, skin fungus, nail fungus
The lack of appetite, digestive weakness, warts, herpes, acne rheumatism, joint Pain


The mildest thyme oil, therefore, it is suitable also for pediatrics

Star Anise Oil

Star Anise Oil ( Illicium Verum )


The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of star anise is useful in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis and dry cough. For this reason, some cough mixtures contain star anise extract.


In its natural form, can help the body’s immune system fight off many strains of flu, as well as many other health challenges

lavender oil

Lavender Oil


Bronchitis, Diarrhea, Flu, Infections, Whooping Cough, Convulsions, Paralysis Follow, Migraine, Irritability, Insomnia, Dizziness, Mood Swings, Nervous Weakness, Poorly healing wounds, burns, foot and nail fungus, rheumatic complaints, joint pain, sports injuries.


Lavender embodies purity and is the smallest pharmacy in the world. The fragrant miracle of the ancient world has long been incorporated into modern medicine.