Recommendation, how to use Santenatur Potato Body Skin Care and Natural Children Body Skin Care Cream :

“Santenatur Potato Cream is very economical in use, for each application, apply sparingly”

“Immediately gives an instant anti-bacterial effect and prevents viruses and fungi“

potao cream

Potato Body Hand Feet Care (Unisex Fragrance) :

For the body hands feet part use potato crème of a "pea sized amount"

2 -3 x a day when often cleaning hand 3 -5 x day or more.

Daily application reduces the case of skin calluses, dry skin, cracked heels, skin cracks, scaly skin, dry skin and damaged skin areas, also heavily flaking skin , Psoriasis etc. for long term effect .

If the skin is severely damaged or affected massage into the skin quickly and wait until the cream is absorbed. Prefer smaller quantities to begin and increase case by case, each skin has absorbed different, so use less more.

For heavy harder skin body cases apply larger quantities and then a cotton glove/ sock / wrap on it - leave overnight to act.Can also be used as a kind of mask used, a larger quantity of application, 15 Min. let it soak, rest, massage until absorbed!

Can use additional for:

Skin firming, anti-wrinkle, skin tissue strengthens, skin emollient, irritated skin
“By the way, due to the ingredients can have additional effects against cellulite, anti-aging”


Natural Children Body Skin Care

Potato Children Body Skin Care

We recommend the regular use for children age 6 months up

Modern, up-to-date application instead of a "Potato Compress

Use 2 -3 x a day

When the cold is strong 3 -6 x a day

Additional for stronger effect use:

Rub/ Massage Natural Potato Children Cream on the chest and back for stronger effect, cover it up with a warm towel or tissue

Use of Children Body skin care depends on the Size of the people: apply 1-2 cm cream fin case of heavy cold use more

Can use additional for:

Maintains children skin, skin protection, anti-bacterial effect, skin tonic, moisturizing, skin nourishing, winter balm (warming), defense tonic with antiviral effect.