made in switzerland

Our potato balm is unique and unrivalled.

Santenatur Potato Balm Cream content 100% real pressed biological potato juce

Competitor products in the market and potato balm say , use a tincture of Potato Flowers so that the ointment Potato Cream can say.

Potato Flowers have neither an effect or anything else.
It's just a matter of the product with the addition of potato to market (Marketing)

If not explicit what of potato juice is it has no in it.

Switzerland has not a Single competitor potato juice in the product!

The competitor products say Potato Balm because a few Potato plants flowers in it.

Our Santenatur potato balm cream contains 15% potato juice, so the juice pressed from genuine Swiss potatoes (Organic)

Potato juice makes the skin soft and supple and softens calloused skin, etc

Former used potato slices on warts to remove it.

Also unique is the perfuming – it is not perfume but Essential Oils:

Lavender has antiviral, Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, Healing, nourishing

Frankincense is warming, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial

Palmrosa has skin regenerating, skin soothing, antibacterial