Company Profile Santnenatur Switzerland  

Walter Käch, opened in 1994, his first Pharmacy/drugstore in Hochdorf, Switzerland.

Already at that time developed the specialist for natural remedies suitable natural supplements.

Inn 2005 Walter Kaech developed the Potato Balm Skin, Hands, Feet.

In 2006 founded , the Natural Health and Beauty company Santénatur .

2014 Walter and Karin Käch bought a second Pharmacy/Drugstore.

In the two shops are about 100 own-manufactured products are sold.

The second national product Santéantur, Potato Balm chest and back, was built in the year 2011.


Since 1997 until today (March 2017) , Walter Käch operates in addition as instructor and speaker in over 1500 training day’s about medicinal herbs, natural healing, Schuessler Salts for pharmacists and drugstores staff .

A successful Schüssler book with already 9. Print Runs and over 25'000 sold copies (only in Switzerland),

A Facebook group and a cell salt App are the most recent developments of Walter Käch.

February/March 2016 Santenatur launch Skin Care Potato Balm in Thailand Market with the well-known Importer/ Distributor Teconlink International Bangkok.

Tender care from nature for skin, hands, feet

Santénatur potato balm consists of a high-quality natural cream base, organic potato juice and essential oils as fragrance and was developed by druggist and natural remedy specialist Walter Käch. Santénatur potato balm fulfils the highest quality expectations. The balm is free of petroleum products, parabens and synthetic fragrances. It can be used by the whole family for the care of rough skin on the hands, feet and entire body. Softens, soothes and guards against calluses, chapped skin, skin cracks and finger cracks. Ideal for hands and feet. Also suitable for daily use as a hand and foot cream. Can be used on the whole body.


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